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Authentic Chinese food in a 193's Shanghai setting.


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Great authentic Chinese food with no MSG (coming from a Chinese-American foodie). Delivery is always on time and friendly. For healthy greens with great flavor, try the stir fried snow pea shoots with garlic. Crystal shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings in chili oil are also good.


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Cafe China's estimated delivery time is way off. They claim 60 minutes but they've always delivered within 30 minutes to my location. It's also one of the best deals for the amount of food you get - entree, soup and a large rice container for about $10.


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The delivery is always fast, even in the lunch rush. There was a time I ordered at 12:29pm and it arrived at 12:43pm. Also the food is delicious, strongly recommend the lamb special and beef with green pepper.


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Quick, tasty. Actual Chinese food for the most part. Credibility lies in not having General Tso's name nowhere on the menu.


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This place is amazing but they changed there delivery area and I can no longer order

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First, I think I've ordered off of Seamless over 2,000 times & have written 1 other review. This is my favorite Chinese restaurant not only for delivery, but also for dining in. My delivery has always been on time & I've noticed the later I tend to order the more they seem to beat the estimate. The restaurant has a great ambience & the staff is incredibly attentive and friendly. Lunch during the week is usually extremely crowded because everyone who works in the area knows what a steal the prices are for the quality of food you're eating & service you're receiving. Here a few amazing facts about a restaurant that offers what I would consider very moderate prices for NYC. They received a Michelin star, 1 of less than 100 restaurants in ALL OF NYC to earn this very significant recognition & they pay their employees fair wages & equity in the business. Cafe China is truly exemplary & I would recommend it to anyone seeking an incredible meal of any cuisine type.


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Cafe China is an amazing Sichuan restaurant. It is really good and it is NOT "American Chinese". My go-to order is always the Double Cooked Pork Belly and 3 Pepper Chicken. The spicy level here doesn't play around. If you enjoy your food in the mild side, you can write in the notes of your order to decrease the spice level. I do agree the portion is a tiny small for lunch, but also I think America is just too much of a "super-sized everything" culture. The portion is good and you don't feel like you over-ate even after all the food and rice is finished. Highly recommended!


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I used to order the Zha Jian Mian for lunch earlier this year and from about Jan - March, it was delicious with delicate but very flavorful minced pork, lots of cucumbers, just the right amount of liquidy sauce, and noodles cooked just right. Also, it was a nice big serving -- which for the price is expected. It is just noodles. Starting March - April, the serving size was downgraded to a side order sized container, the sauce became pasty and less flavorful, veggies shrunk, and the noodles overcooked. Very sad to see them downgrade the food (and raise the prices!).


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Love this place! Best restaurant in the neighborhood. Gourmet, healthy chinese food with just the right amount of spice. Their vegetarian mapo tofu is the best in town and their broccoli, bok choy, and eggplant are all superb. Going to the restaurant is a treat because it is so beautiful, but they also do an amazing and fast delivery service.


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One of the best Sichuan in the area. Usually timely delivery (my place is ~10 blocks away) and correct orders. Wish their mapo tofu was spicier and had ground pork just like they do at Birds of a Feather (their newer sister restaurant). Overall, very much recommended and is my go to for authentic, flavorful and diverse Chinese dishes.

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We've set out to re-imagine the Chinese cuisine experience. Taking pages out of Eileen Chang's Love In a Fallen City, add in a bit of Coco Chanel, and mix it up with a lot of authentic Chinese food - emphasis on authentic, we want to give our guests an experience that is unlike any other Chinese restaurant.